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In fact, the watch industry itself is a marketing circle, narrow marketing lead to multiple standards is very serious.

What do you mean by core values?

What is the most important, able to represent the level of the watch itself, and manufacturers of the overall strength of the benchmark? technology?

So this technology in the end mean?

    If the functional and performance of the technical significance of the output.

    A fifteen electronic watches will be able to seconds all the Swiss watch brand, the significance of technology, is able to make things very difficult in the past, in the process of human development has become increasingly simple, technology, people-oriented.

    You say manufacturing technology? Electronic form simple? Electronic watch assembly seems to be very simple, but to know the total control of integrated circuit processor is about what carved out, precision than the mechanical assembly of several orders of magnitude higher.

    Additional value of manual time value?

    This is a pseudo-proposition, which is the social labor productivity and individual labor productivity on behalf of the reverse type of distortion, that is backward when the value of the original, even if you think the tall on the mechanical table is still the production line operation, then the problem coming

    Question 1, if two identical tables, one is manual, one is a large-scale automated production, but there is no difference, which you choose

    Question two, if two identical tables, are large-scale automated production, a function more travel time more accurate, which you choose?

    What else? Personality tags? Well, maybe some people will think that focus on "buy performance" who is too pragmatic, but retreat, first of all you have to say out of a virtual, one can be used to service the "virtual", right?

    Scarcity? I dug a piece of the world's unique unique booger, may I ask it can be used retreat it?

    Diamond diamonds sparkling, as if the stars off the sky, the stars of the sky can not be picked, as the value of gold diamonds.

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Historical value?

Some would argue that mechanical watches in the history of technological progress and engineering significance

This is true, Mr. Breguet respectable, he was in the mechanical era to complete a lot of engineering pioneering, but this does not mean that he invented

something more now become a personal value tag, or can be a be Generally accepted value embodied, attention is generally recognized

Six thousand years ago the pyramids were great and are worthy of admiration. But today you go to build a pyramid, and then say that I am greater than the Empire State Building, Jin Mao, it is self-deceiving, not to mention you also sell this thing more expensive than the Jinmao Tower. And then some people believe that you really should it sell so expensive, and then really some people believe that this natural sense of identity has its meaning, but the above said, attention is generally agreed that this currency generally accepted as a symbol, That would be nonsense.

The "watch the least important function is to look at the time," this advertising language when the feelings, in fact, and "what a metal trip" and there is no difference

So summed up, nothing more than mechanical watches is a jewelry only, as a timepiece, more cheap and more efficient alternative too much, but as a retreat of jewelry, those "retreat" has meaning, it is just a self-proclaimed, that This virtual identity from their own identity, does not mean that anything else, and even the virtual "feelings", "reverence of the heart" are meaningless, meaningful only self-pity type of identity.

Of course, in turn facing the direction of intelligent integration of intelligent applications is also a way of thinking

In general, science and technology should always be the improvement of human productivity and living standards as the fundamental attribute.